Tree Pruning +
Maintenance Services

Tree Pruning can be required for a number of different reasons: overgrown branches and limbs can overcrowd other vegetation and make things look informal, block the essential light to other trees, shrubs, plants and even your garden area.  Another good reason to prune your tree or trees is to reduce weighty branches and limbs which could potentially fall and cause damage or personal injury from high winds.

Habitat pruning is also a recommended option, this pruning technique not only serves a positive purpose for the tree and its surroundings but our wild life, birds and environment.

Without proper tree maintenance you run the risk of weak/dying trees damaging to your property, vehicles and even your home.  This is usually due to bad weather, storms and also neglect.

If you feel like your trees need inspecting, DON’T hesitate to contact us any time of the day on 0438374044

We offer impartial, friendly advice and can even make arrangements for one of our arborist to visit you for a free quote and assessment.