Land Clearing + Slope Mowing Services

Antler offer our clients safe, compliant and efficient ways to clear large stands of vegetation. Clients that utilise this service consist of companies, contractors, property developers, councils and governmental bodies.

We undertake all works in accordance with industry best practice and follow all Australian regulatory rules. Prior to commencing any project, Antler can assist with obtaining necessary permits so there are no interruptions to works when they start.

Land clearing services provided:
  • Bulk tree removal involving mulching, grinding and recycling.
  • Removing of problem tree or invasive species.
  • Removing brush or large areas of tea tree, box thorn etc.
  • Fire break establishment and maintenance.
Slope Mowing

Antler Environmental specialize in slope mowing. We are able to access areas that require slashing to ensure safety for the public and our environment. We have established this service within local councils and government sectors which has proven to be a successful way to control vegetation.

Call 0438 374 044 as we have machinery and expertise that’s required for any project large or small.