Antler Environmental: Tree Services

Antler Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning + Maintence

Tree Pruning available for those overgrown unwanted limbs, or for limbs suspect of falling and causing damage from high winds. More..

Have you got a PERMIT?

If so, let’s get the job done. IF NOT? We can organise one for you! Either way or UNSURE if you need one.
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Commercial  Work

Quotes can be provided for lump sum works or scheduled rates can be arranged.
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Antler Tree and Stump Removal

Stump Grinding + Removal

Antler Environmental are experts in Tree Stump Removal. Our extensive experience ensures we are a clear cut choice. 

Land Clearing + Slope Mowing

We clear blocks to prepare them for building and parklands. With our expertise and strong machinery we can help you.  Learn  more...

Diseased Trees

If you have any indication a tree on your property could be diseased it can be a dangerous liability, to human life, homes, cars, sheds, equipment or even pets. Don’t risk NOT having your tree assessed.  Enquire Now..

Further Services include:

  • Parkland redeployment
  • Playgrounds
  • Street furniture
  • Drinking fountains
  • Concrete and sand pathways
  • Mudstone and Rock work

Our Equipment

Remote Slope Mower

2 Tip Trucks

4 tonne excavator and grab

5 tonne excavator and grab

Chippers 9 inch - 20 inch

EWP truck

Possi track

Stump grinder

Traffic management  equipment

Truck Float

3 Support Vehicles